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From: Terry W. Colvin (fortean1@mindspring.com)
Date: Sat Dec 01 2001 - 14:14:59 MST

FOR Beto I think, some good links below. Terry

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From: Steven Rogers <srogers1@austin.rr.com>
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Subject: Re: Electrophonic sounds

> > In my time as a meteor observer, I recall that some observers reported
> > hearing noises only a few seconds after the meteor burnup. Obviously, it
> > could not be sound. There is no definitive answer (NASA does zero
> > research in meteors. It basically ignores the entire field.), but the
> > latest theory is an electrostatic event.
>I believe the term you mean is "electrophonic". As you
>mentioned, bright bolides can produce electrophonic sounds
>that are more-or-less coincident with the meteor observation.
>The theory is that electromagnetic waves interact with metallic
>objects on the ground (near the observer) which then act as
>transducers. Thus the end result is sound, but the sound
>waves have not had to travel very far. --Rob

Here are some links to information on meteor and auroral sounds:

< http://www2.hunterlink.net.au/~ddcsk/gelphonx.htm >
< http://www.ips.gov.au/papers/richard/auroral_sound.html >
< http://www.ips.gov.au/papers/richard/auroral_sound_explan.html >
< http://www.ips.gov.au/papers/richard/witness_report.html >


Steve Rogers
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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 07:41:47 -0500
From: "MALEY, PAUL D. (JSC-DO)" <paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov>
To: "'SEESAT-L'" <SeeSat-L@blackadder.lmsal.com>
Subject: FW: Electrophonic sounds

There have been anecdotal accounts of sounds being received by 'some'
observers in the presence of brilliant fireballs (the kind that cast shadows
on the ground, perhaps -10 or brighter). In past years, efforts locally have
been made to perceive reentries of the Space Shuttle (firebally only
magnitude -4 or -5) but there have been no systematic nor concrete records
obtained which conclusively prove that such 'sounds' are real or can be
predicted to be heard by individuals wearing metal rimmed glasses, for
example. More study on the subject is certainly needed and much of the work
in the past has been done by a gentleman in Australia. During the Leonid
meteor shower, I watched and listened from a site at 3,000 feet elevation
north of Beijing China in 1998 and witnessed at least a dozen meteors that I
thought might have been good candidates. No sounds were perceived by me
(wearing metal rimmed glasses) nor anyone else in the vicinity that I
questioned and yet some of these fireballs were truly brilliant.




Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 05:55:51 -0700
From: "Dale Ireland" <direland@drdale.com>
To: "'SEESAT-L'" <SeeSat-L@blackadder.lmsal.com>
Subject: RE: Electrophonic sounds

While it is true that few people have heard electrophoic sounds, the
mechanism is well documented. It is rather easy to record the extremely low
frequency ELF radiation from the plasma trail of the reentering Space
Shuttle. You can even do it with a long wire antenna plugged right into the
mic input of a small cassette recorder with no amplifier. Plans and results
have been published in the past in Sky and Telescope magazine, Scientific
American and other journals.
The frequency is 50-100hz or lower and quite strong which would be
consistent with generating audible vibrations.


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