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Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 19:38:57 MST

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To answer, I would merge the cases:


> All info on you that is necessary to make an absolutely perfect copy is
> stored; same internal state in your finite state machine self. This
> happens at point A. Said info is shipped to point B.

After some arbitrary time...

> A duplicate of you at that point in time is created at point B.

Also, after some arbitrary time...

> The original you is now destroyed.

I claim that the data at point B, being separated from point A, will not be
affected by actions at point A. Specifically, it doesn't matter whether the
original is destroyed before the copy is created, right after the copy is
created, or lives it's entire life to be destroyed long after the copy is

Now, I will admit, that the above does not answer the question, but I want
you (the reader) to consider if it is a valid point. If it IS a valid
point, then I have an answer to the question from experience.

I am an identical twin. My twin is Harvey Newstrom, who also posts to this
net. Early in the womb, when our cells were first divided, we were exact
copies. As time went on, we evolved into two separate beings.

>From my experience, I can say, that I do NOT perceive my twin as "another
me". I also have an older brother, who looks pretty much like we do. (Same
hair, same eyes, etc.) If my parents had not told me that I was a twin, I
don't think I would have noticed any difference between my two brothers.
The fact that one is a "copy" of me, and the other isn't is not perceived in
any way.

Therefore, I think that if you DO make an exact copy, you are creating a new
consciousness. It may be indistinguishable from me, from the outside, but
from the inside, my consciousness is only connected to this body. The
copies are not relevant to me, any more than any other human being.

Louis Newstrom

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