Re: terrorism, what is and what should never be

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 09:05:02 MST

Chris Russo wrote:
> As an American friend of mine whose parents came here from Palestine
> said to me recently, "Yes, Palestinians at one point were only
> interested in the destruction of Israel, but they lost that battle.
> After fifty years of eating shit, though, they'd just settle for having
> control over most of the original Palestine that they were apportioned."
> Instead, Israel refuses to give up more than a token amount of the land
> that they took. They're importing "Jewish" citizens by the thousands,
> and setting them up on Palestinian land. Looks like a recipe for
> eternal turf battles to me.

This is entirely false. Israel has vacated almost 90% of Palestine
already, hardly a 'token amount'. Construction of new settlements has
stopped, and expansion of existing ones for 'normal growth' is a subject
open to debate. A homeowner shouldn't have to be subject to terrorist
attack just because he wants to build a dormer wing on his house for his
kids. Doing so is worse than having your use of your private property
dictated by zoning boards.

> Also, this is more than just about Israel. This is also about continued
> US support for puppet regimes like in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

I don't seem to recall any time when the US has ever given foreign aid
money to either country.

Or is it that you think that Saddam Hussein has the best interests of
the Saudi people in mind?

> Sure, the US talks a good game about democracy and freedom, but Middle
> Easterners who would wish to have freedom and democracy in their own
> countries have to not only battle their own governments, but also the
> dollars and military of the United States.

Once again: specify any time when the US has given military or
humanitarian aid to Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Everything we've ever sent
there has been bought and paid for.

> The Cold War is over. This support of the "lesser of evils" no longer
> makes the sense that it did a couple of decades ago.
> I'd rather see us withdraw from the Middle East completely than continue
> to be embarrassed about our policies there.

You do that and you'll have europe and the US under constant jihad from
a resurgent muslim empire within a generation. You are worried about
more terrorism when you should be worried about WWIII.

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