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From: Josh Martin (
Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 09:45:29 MST

The most recent episode of "South Park" seems to indicate that the
writers are regulars at Slashdot, if not this list as well. Remember
our discussion of "IT" or "Ginger" a few months back, the invention of
Dean Kamen that was hyped to death? Last Wednesday's episode of South
Park on Comedy Central featured an invention by one of the characters
called "IT." It was a gyroscopically stabilized motorcycle consisting
of one big wheel. This, for those of you who haven't heard, is in
reference to Dean Kamen's invention of the gyroscopically stabilized
wheelchair, and his patent on a gyroscopically stabilized scooter which
is hypothesized to be the "IT" project. The character on the show
revealed his invention to a room of computer technology big-shots,
including Bill Gates, which parodies the press release that described a
meeting between Kamen, Steve Jobs, Bill Joy, and others. In the final
piece of hard-hitting comic absurdity that has come to characterize this
show, the "IT" invention is demonstrated to be powered by several rods
inserted into various orifices on the body. Dean Kamen has also done
work on the Stirling Engine, which can create mechanical energy from
heat. It is thought that his Ginger invention could involve such a
power source, and the writers of South Park simply provided a possible
heat source. This episode, at least, is worth checking out. I
apologize in advance for exposing some of you to televisions most
vulgar, but entertaining, show.

Josh Martin

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