EVENTS: Dec. 2 "Walk For Capitalism" world wide

From: Bill Douglass (
Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 07:34:00 MST

I learned about this from a Hong Kong business networking list I'm on.
 The main site is:

I hope to attend the walk here in New York City. It's planned for 78
cities worldwide.

>From the site's front page:


1. Walk _For_ Capitalism

D2 - Sunday, December 2 - join the first ever global rally FOR Capitalism
- in every major city around the world. WalkForCapitalism is a positive
day of promotion, discussion, and festivities - NOT a counter protest.

We proudly uphold: Free trade, globalization, liberty, profit, free speech,
technology, universal individual rights, intellectual and material prosperity,
private property, rule of law, innovation, creativity, human dignity
and happiness.

Click here - join our activist network

 2. Capitalism Day
D2 - Sunday, December 2 - The first Sunday of December each year, is
"Capitalism Day" - More formally known as: "International Freedom & Prosperity
Day - for the Celebration of the Principles and Possibilties of Capitalism."

On this day, around the globe, we thank the Producers and Creators -
humankind's great benefactors. We extend a hand of friendship and support,
praise their achievements, independence of thought, and their courage
in following their dreams. And uphold the only political system which
makes all this possible.

 3. Capitalism Awards

D2 - Sunday, December 2 - The "Capitalism Award" - Formally known as
"The Annual International Freedom & Prosperity Award" will be presented
to the individual in this city who has done most to defend and promote
the principles of capitalism. And/or who, by his or her example, most
gloriously embodies the spirit of capitalism.

Nominations for the Capitalism Award may come from business, science,
art, education, politics, invention, or any other field of creative,
productive, human endeavour.


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