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Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 22:01:52 MST

I thought that the picting as depicted (ha) in Eon / Eternity by Greg Bear
was a good way to go. Some of IM/IRC type communication can be thought of as
protopicting; all very improvisational and glyphlike in the abstract.


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> Some recent posts on communication and miscommunication on this list have
> got me thinking about language. Have there been any discussions
> about new
> languages for use by posthumans who aren't advanced enough to just drop
> audio communication? Some who can hold more than 7+/- 2 things in short
> term memory without chunking could use some pretty complex grammatical
> structures to convey their equally complex thoughts. As Anders mentioned
> in his recent post, having more tenses or modifiers for different
> types of
> knowledge would also be good. So I could say that "MIT nu is in
> Cambridge"
> for something that appears certain, or "chocolate mo is better than
> vanilla" for something that is really subjective, or "Jessica nal
> is going
> out with Billy" for something that my best friend's cousin's former
> roommate heard in a bar. Over-engineering a language might lead
> to a lack
> of flexibility, but I'm sure posthumans with suitably enhanced
> brains could
> easily invent and learn new ones if they happened to make that mistake.

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