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From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 15:21:00 MST

Mike Lorrey <> Wrote:

> All these alleged 'ethics experts' claim that there is some moral reason
> against reproductive cloning, but I've never actually seen anyone detail
> the philosophical principles for such a claim.

Oh the usual, you're playing God you're turning babies into a commodity
you're violating the sanctity of life you're cheapening life you're making life so
expensive only the rich can afford it, but mainly it's you're doing stuff that seems
icky poo to me. As for medicinal cloning, medical ethicist love to say stuff like
I want to cure the sick too but it would be wrong to kill a young human, let's call
him Timmy, to do it. The fact that the young human named Timmy consists of
exactly one cell and you need a microscope to see this young human is not
important, this young human has just as much right to exist as you or me.
They love to say "young human".

I am not a big fan of medical ethicists (try saying that word 10 times real fast),
I have never, absolutely never, heard a medical ethicist say anything that could
not be put in one of 2 categories:
A) Wrong
B) Bloody obvious.

At the very least I must say that the evidence your average medical ethicist is
significantly more virtuous than I am is somewhat less than compelling.

         John K Clark

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