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Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 15:24:12 MST

From: Hal

Brian Atkins writes:

> "According to, Mike
> Lorrey is the champion Extropian poster so far this month, producing 205
> messages in just over 12 days. Samantha Atkins takes a distant second
> place with 147 messages, with Eugene Leitl and JR Molloy close at her
> heels with 141 and 135 respectively.

>A quick script on the author.html file above produced the following Top 10
Posters for September 30 through today:

291 J.R.Molloy
240 MikeLorrey
164 RobertJ.Bradbury
151 SamanthaAtkins
116 AlexF.Bokov
115 JohnClark<

After seeing repetitive posts by the same person, I automatically delete them and wonder if I missed something engaging. But somehow I cannot justify the monopoly of conversation.

I'd rather listen to a number of voices on a given subject, but when one person keeps waving a hand in my face, I tend to turn off. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way.


113 AndersSandberg
98 BrianDWilliams
91 EliezerS.Yudkowsky
91 AmaraGraps

These are not bad at all in posting volume for a 57 day period. Even JR
is averaging fewer than 6 posts per day and everyone except the top 2
is less than 3. Compare that to the interval I described above with a
number of people at 10 or even 15 posts per day.


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