Re: American "imperialism"

From: Dwayne (
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 05:05:02 MST wrote:
> <<A very good point. NZ can afford a principled isolationist stance specifically for the same reasons the US could afford the same prior to WWII: you can't git theyuh frum heyah.... that easily.>>
> Indeed! Wait until a hungry Indonesia gets going on Australia and New Zealand. Then we will see how long such principals lasts. Or mayhaps a China with warships and submarines sending "patrols" to southern waters, and we'll get a view to the comfort levels there.

Australia is doomed, NZ has maoris. They sorted the British out ages
ago, I'm sure they can sort anyone else out too.

Mind you, looking at it from this perspective, Sydney has to be one of
the most defensible cities on the planet. :-)


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