Re: List Rules Part 1 (Was: Ad hominem? I think not.)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 16:37:06 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote:

> Quite. Those on the list who know me and my writing I think would agree
> that I do not make ad hom attacks unless attacked first. I do go after
> ideas I really disagree with virulently if I consider them to be of
> importance, but I'd challenge anyone to show any point where I made
> personal attacks unprovoked by similar personal insults... Samantha has
> been one of those who has made such attacks.

Whether we feel provoked or not, our attacks - mine and yours -
are wrong. Can we agree not to do these things in the future no
matter what the provocation? I hereby take that pledge.

- samantha

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