Re: SETI@home (was Re: Folding@home 2.0)

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 01:56:43 MST

> Did I misspell my NAME? Ouch.

No Chuck, you didn't, this is entirely my fault copying
from the Javien archives to email postings (with typos).

*BE FOREWARNED* I'm a terrible speller and am getting
worse as I age. I'm attempting to compensate with
both computer-aided and non-computer-aided tools
(e.g. "real" dictionaries -- gasp). I'm well aware
of my rather creative spellings of words that seem
to migrate through my filters. Feel free to point
them out to me. Do not expect that they will result
in broadband corrections that will increase list overhead.
This is not an attempt to minimize corrections or retractions
but simply a pragmatic adaptation since so far it seems
that most of my postings are "parseable".

> Anywoo - signed up for Folding@Home this afternoon. I am trusting that it
> won't get confused and try to "fold" SETI data...

One would hope that one *can* do both. If not, then one has
a legitimate complaint with the developers.
> Ant reason why one can't do both?

None that I know of.


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