Re: List Rules Part 1 (Was: Ad hominem? I think not.)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 00:36:13 MST

John Clark wrote:
> Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:
> > Again, if you think crying that I do the same thing excuses
> > others or makes the problem not a problem I think that your
> > reasoning is a bit flawed on this manner
> Oh for God's sake stop whining! You and several other members of
> this list have written more verbiage on my use of the word "idiot" than on
> all other topics combined, with the possible exception of long essays
> that must have taken hours to write about how name calling wastes time.
> Everybody was strangely quiet however when a good 10 days before
> my famous use of that word you called me an "immoral curr".

I am not whining and I am tired of your yelling, bullying BS.
Stop it!

I apologize for calling you an immoral curr. At the time I
thought you were acting like one in your comments to me but that
is no excuse. So I apologize.

> >I have made a very real effort to avoid such practice and to apologize
> >when I lapse.
> I ask for no apology or retraction nor should you expect to receive one.

Fortunately, I make my own decisions. I do apologize for where
I dehumanized you by assuming that just because you were, imho,
utterly unreasonable in your responses and attitudes toward me,
that it was alright to simply stop reading you for a while.
That was not helpful to either of us.

- samantha

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