Ralph Merkle on the Art Bell Show

From: John Grigg (starman2100@lycos.com)
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 18:41:39 MST

Ralph Merkle did a fine job being a guest on the Art Bell show last night. I listened to the entire three hour interview, and was impressed by how Merkle handled Art's questions. I say this because Art can ask sometimes loaded, difficult, or simplistic/corny questions. And I realize Merkle has a reputation for not suffering fools gladly. lol Not once did I hear Merkle declare, "next question!," or "next person in line!" Of course, Art is not just anyone, and millions were listening.

Generally, at least for me, the subjects were discussed at a very basic level. But then, this is meant for the general public, so it made sense that Merkle kept things pretty simple. I remember another guest(can't remember the name) who could not do so, and drowned Art and the public with his technical depth! He just could not keep it simple.

They focused on nanotech for quite a bit. Merkle impressed me by going into the near-future forms of the technology, rather then just going off on a flight of fancy. People need to realize this technology isn't just something thirty years away, and Art reaches millions of people around the world.

Art wanted to bring up all the scary possibilities of future nanotech. But, Merkle would bring things back to a positive note. I liked how Merkle could sidestep and put a positive spin on things. He is an adept speaker/debater. Art even commented on this several times in a sly way. lol Art wanted Merkle to expound on the dangers on nanotech programmed to devour the planet or kill people with blue eyes!

Things got really good when cryonics came up. Merkle shared that he was a member of ALCOR. Art did not know this and was very surprised. Art does know something of cryonics and ALCOR, due to Brian Shock and others already having been on the show. Merkle went into "missionary" mode and explained in detail how it makes good logical sense to sign up. He even explained a little about vitrification and how the technology of biostasis has really been improved. When Art brought up the cost of it, Merkle responded that with life insurance it was very affordable. Art's reply was, "so cryonicists can take it with them!" lol Later, a caller said he was so impressed he wanted to join up! Merkle told him how to get ahold of ALCOR. It would be interesting to see if anything comes of that.

Listening to the whole exchange made me feel good that I had just gotten life insurance. Now, for the next step.

When Merkle said his wife was also signed up, Art brought up how much easier it must be for him then those who do not have mates signed up. He recognized how cryonics can be a very devisive thing sometimes.

It was a cool three hours for me. The last time I enjoyed myself so much was when Bart Kosko was on.

I am now taking off to enjoy an early Thanksgiving dinner. I will be making the rounds today and tomorrow! lol Whether U.S. citizens or not, I think we can all find things to be grateful for, and to wish were different.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

best wishes,


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