the fate of the famous finds

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Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 15:15:45 MST

Systematic excavations in Afghanistan commenced with the establishment
of a French archaeological mission in Kabul in 1922, followed by missions
from other European countries.

The wealth of excavated material over the years was housed in the Kabul Museum,
the principal treasure house of Afghanistan's history and culture. The wonderful
objects from Ai Khanum were displayed in a large hall on the first floor of the
Kabul Museum, the gold from Tillya Tepe stored in six safes in the basement.

The Kabul Museum, since the Taliban came into power, is no more than a shell,
its precious objects destroyed, vandalised or sold into markets in Pakistan.
Nothing is known about the fate of the finds from Ai Khanum or Tillya Tepe.

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