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Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 16:39:38 MST

From: "Spike Jones" <>
> My notion is that the ant migration I witnessed yesterday was
> started by an ant that found a suitable place for moving the
> colony, so she walked back to the colony trailing a chemical which
> means in ant, "everyone pick up a larva and walk this way."

You're not the only one interested in ants, Spike.
Studying ants may contribute something to development of AI.

       Special Track - AAAA

        ALife, Adaptive Behavior, Agents and
      Ant Colony Optimization

  Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

                July 9-13, 2002
             New York City, NY USA

The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
(GECCO-2002) will present the latest high-quality
results in the growing field of genetic and
evolutionary computation. GECCO-2002 continues the
tradition of bringing together researchers from the
entire spectrum of research in genetic and
computation, including genetic algorithms; classifier
systems; genetic programming; evolvable hardware; DNA
and molecular computing; evolutionary strategies;
evolutionary programming; evolutionary scheduling and
routing; artificial life, adaptive behavior, agents,
and ant colony optimization; as well as real-world
applications of all of these areas.

The AAAA Special Track solicits high quality
contributions in algorithmic, synthetic, empirical,
and theoretical advances of artificial systems inspired by
evolution, biology, and "life". Topics of interest
include (but are not limited to) --

- Action Selection and Behavioral Sequences
- Agent Architectures
- Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) Systems and Extensions
- Ant System Applications in Combinatorial
- Artificial and Evolutionary Chemistry
- Autonomous, Adaptive Robots and Software Agents
- Believability in Agents
- Bio-Inspired Robots and Embodied Cognition
- Collective Behaviors and Swarm Intelligence
- Communication and Coordination Among Agents
- Cultural Evolution
- Emergent Behaviors and Evolutionary Robotics
- Evolution and Learning
- Evolution of Communication and Cooperation
- Evolution of Agent Designs and Behaviors
- Evolutionary Ecologies
- Evolutionary Models of Markets and Economic Systems
- Evolution of ACO Parameters
- Foraging and Mate-Choice Strategies
- Gene-Regulation Networks
- Goal Identification, Representation, and Selection
- Genetic Engineering and Nano-Technology
- Mathematical/Formal Analysis of Evolutionary Systems
- Mobile Agents
- Models of Morphogenesis & Multi-Cellular Development
- Molecular Evolution
- Motivation, Emotion, and Personality in Agents
- Organization of Agent Societies
- Perception and Motor Control
- Self-Organization and Self-Replication
- Sensor Evolution for Robots
- Spatial Learning and Navigation for Mobile Agents
- Theoretical Considerations and Convergence Bounds

Complete submission instructions can be found at:

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--Hans Moravec

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