Re: Mary Ruwart

From: Pat Fallon (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 08:53:46 MST

> Does any of you know about Dr. Mary J. Ruwart?


I belong to a local monthly discussion group, the Pocono Libertarians, and
we hosted an evening with Dr. Ruwart in March of 1994. We also facilitated
her being interviewed by local talk radio. Photos at

>Has anyone read her book "Healing our World: The Other Piece of the

Sure. When Dr. Ruwart visted us we setup a book signing event at a local
book shop.

>Any comments?

I liked it. It is a good introduction to libertarian thought, particularly
for liberals, IMHO. Seems to focus on providing short, practical answers
and solutions. Stresses the non-agression principle.

Pat Fallon

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