ECON: Re: Russia coming around?

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 07:56:53 MST

>From: "Bill Douglass" <>

>This article from the Sunday _New York Times_ makes a decent case
>that things may finally be starting to look up for Russia and its


>Would that it were so. The idea of Russian being close to a
>"Polish-style renaissance" strikes me as being a bit fanciful.
>People threw around this type of optimism after the USSR
>collapsed, and Russians got a decade of stagnation, economic
>contraction and, with Yeltsin's devaluation in 1998, financial
>meltdown. Comments?

I was house/dog/corvette sitting over the weekend for a friend.

As a result I had access to a cable channel I don't get (PBSU) and
sat watching almost 7 hours of excellent economics programs

One of them was a comparison between the economic transistion
between Russia/Ukraine and Poland.

Essentially Poland ripped the bandage off, suffered briefly as a
result, and is now doing well. The Russians and Ukranians tried to
ease into the process and their suffering has been prolonged.

The good news is that the Russians appear to have learned the
lesson and are starting to turn the corner.


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