RE: BIOTECH: Cloning now legal in England

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Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 15:03:59 MST

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The ProLife Alliance in England were glad to make this point

"In light of today's historic victory in the High Court, the ProLife
Alliance has established that the Government has no power to license or
any form of cloning whether for experimental or live birth purposes."

Perverse tactic to shame the government into legislating on cloning
than relying on statutory instruments. (This is where you pass a wide
ranging law and fill in the blanks through regulation later, including
updates required like the legalisation of 'therapeutic cloning').

There is a question of judgement here: should a government be supported
introducing such policies through the bureaucratic backdoor with the
of consent and parliamentary debate or would passing an Act, with the
appropriate transparency and argumentation, have been more appropriate
this instant?

I read many individuals on this list who support extropian policies but
sometimes the paths by which they come to fruition, such as that above,
appears designed to circumvent public knowledge or debate due to their
controversial content. Should these be supported despite their origin

Philip Chaston

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> Well the British courts have weighed in and you can
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Made me smile...

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