Re: SPACE: thinking seriously about space development

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 14:17:28 MST

Except, of course, NASA will cook up some other reason to complain,
justified or not: debris/outgassing, potential damage to the Soyuz due
to the extra docking cycles, you name it. *sigh* Then there's the nuisance
fee just for knowing a commercial station exists. :|

Doug Jones wrote:
> A really *slick* idea has been cooked up by Mircorp- the first hotel in
> orbit, but coorbital with ISS so that after visiting the "Mini Station",
> the Soyuz crew (including tourists) flies over to ISS, leaves the new
> Soyuz there as a lifeboat, and returns to Earth in the old one. This
> will let Rosaviakosmos defray the expense of providing Soyuz rotations
> for ISS while keeping the tourists that NASA abhors out of ISS other
> than to go from one Soyuz to the other. Clever! The Mini Station
> itself will probably use components that were planned for ISS, but are
> being deleted due to the budget overruns.
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