saying goodbye

From: Barbara Lamar (
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 12:37:13 MST

Della just phoned to say that it looks as though my dad's going to die
today. We'd had plans for a birthday party for Kat today (nothing major,
just dinner out for Kat and Jeanne and their boyfriends--Jeanne was born at
the same time as Kat, though her birthday is on the 17th and Kat's is on the
18th. Jeanne was born around midnight in California; Kat was born around 2
a.m. in Austin, which is 2 times zones ahead). But we're going to postpone
the party and go to Houston. I know my mother will need us there. She told
me yesterday she was ready to let him go, and I think he'd been staying
alive for her sake. He himself was ready to die some time ago. Now we have
the ordeal of the funeral and getting my mom settled into her new role of
wealthy (well ... semi-wealthy) widow. I'll be back in touch with ya soon's


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