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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 10:59:05 MST

1) When do you expect medicine to become available to significantly extend the
human life span?

Medicine *now* extends the human life span. In those places which do not have
medicine, the human life span is significanltly shorter than in places which
have access to cutting edge medical technology. As medicine continues to
develop new and better treatments, and to utilize anti-aging technology,
expect this trend to (continue to) accelerate.

2) When do you expect the techniques for near-immortality to arrive? From
whatI have read, it seems like this will come from nanotechnology's mature

Yes, nanomedicine is the best bet for significant life extension and
anti-aging treatments. A book by that title has recently been published, and a
mailing list devoted to the subject has been created at

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We move into a better future in proportion as science displaces superstition.

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