Re: correction Fermi 2

Date: Fri Nov 16 2001 - 09:31:23 MST

<<It is far more likely that colonization is frowned upon
    because colonies are likely to be competitors than
    colonization is prohibitively expensive.


E. Yudkowsky enumerated several variations of the neo-Fermi paradox. I think
the most reasonable guess is that intelligence, as a cosmic process (purpose?
emergence?) is rare, and widely distributed. We have pushed H.G. Wells
"Celanites" from the Moon to Mars and Venus to interstellar space, to across
the galaxy. I will conjecture that only certain galaxies produce
technological life and that life is a product of barred-spiral galaxies,

Maybe not every barred, spiral is populated with an intelligent civilization?
Perhaps civilzations see that the separation is too great for contact to be
meaningful, even after thousands of years of interstellar or inter-galactic
travel? There are too many goodies available in the solar system and far
beyond to let it go to waste.

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