Re: Personality types (was: uncontrollable suffering)

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Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 04:01:37 MST

 Natasha Vita-More:
>I can't agree that these words/prhases are specifically alligned to any one
> professional group.

No, it couldn't be "professional". A name for a personality type
is *descriptive*, only, not aligned with a profession. And even
the "artist" description is not the same name used by different
enneagram teachers who describe that number four personality type.

However, don't you think that there is a tendency for particular
personality types to be attractive to particular kinds of work,
or to have particular interests? Look at the extropians group
for instance. We have had many many discussions about "types"
here, and have discovered strong correlations (I recall correctly,
the NT axis being really strong here, if one uses the Myers
Briggs system).

> The above characteristics could be attributed to any
> one at any time.

It's really hard to describe in just a paragraph or in just a
few words about a personality type in a particular typing system.
I said "essence" specifically because I didn't have time or motivation
to write 10 pages to do a better job to describe that one personality
type. Those few words I wrote about the type four does _not_ mean
that other personality types won't, *at times*, feel that way
or do those things either.


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