Re: Northern Alliance victories: too good to be true?as@.

From: John Clark (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 23:27:43 MST

I think people are giving the Taliban far too much credit, they are not
brilliant supermen and their massive retreat is not a subtle and diabolical
plot. Sometimes things are really what they appear to be, these are just a bunch
of not very bright religious fanatics who folded like a paper napkin when faced
with modern air power. This is not media hype this really is a big deal, they've lost
all their heavy artillery, most of their tanks, and 80% of their real estate. I know I'm right
because their soldiers are defecting right and left. The may try to go the guerrilla path
as there is nothing else they can do now, but I doubt it will work. Every successful guerrilla
movement has needed to be supplied by a friendly foreign nation or a friendly native
population, the Taliban have neither. They're toast, and it was accomplished
without a single American combat death.

        John K Clark

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