Re: Northern Alliance victories: too good to be true?as@.

From: dwayne (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 13:14:50 MST


loosely-organised militia originally made up of scholars versus a very
very experienced army which has pretty much defended it's soil against
all comers. As far as I am aware the Soviets never took the Panshir
valley, for example.

No secondary front, no defense in depth, no clue. The NA broke through
the front line, everything collapsed, no military discipline so everyone
just fled, kapow the entire region collapses.

When you think about who is doing the fighting, it seems reasonably
obvious to me.

BTW, anyone who can get US and Euro news noticed the american news
services (specifically CNN which we get here) going on and on about
"fears of bloodbath, massacre in Kabul" versus Sky News (UK) "Kabul
residents ecstatic at their liberation" ???

Interesting when you compare that with Dr Abdullah's outburst the night
before they entered Kabul about Pakistani propaganda, if you assume the
US has been listening to Pakistan.....


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