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> Injecting embryonic cells in old persons is an old treatment but its
> effects, apart from treatment in Parkinson's disease, are negligible. I
> remember there was a Swiss clinic using the procedure as an overall
> anti-aging method but they were swindlers.

IIRC, embryonic stem cells have been used to treat Alzheimer's disease.
Here's an item about stem cells and Huntington's disease.

Stem Cells Proposed to Treat Huntington's Disease
November 30, 2000; French researchers at INSERM (The French equivalent of the
NIH) have found in a four year study that they have succeeded in reversing the
course of this Huntington's Disease in three of five patients by implanting
Embryonic Stem Cells in their brains. The results will be published in Lancet
next month. A recent flurry of research has shown -- at least in mice (See
story above) -- that stem cells from many sites throughout the body can be
induced to turn into viable neurons. If these stem cells could be shown to be
as effective as fetal cells, it would greatly increase the supply of tissue
available for transplant and would obviate the need for immunosuppressive
drugs. See Thomas H. Maugh, II, "Treatment for Huntington's Disease Shows
Promise," p. A21, The Los Angeles Times (November 30, 2000).

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