Re: ECI, ICI (excitatory culture impulse)

From: G.P. (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 01:14:42 MST

As a Napolitan I am happy to see names like Mario Merola and Pino
Daniele on this list!!!
I will add that yes, suffering icons are quite typical of Napolitan
music but there are also plenty of "comic/ironic" icons (the late
Renato Carosone is the best known). The themes are frequently the same
as in "sceneggiata" (see below) and perhaps also the ovarall outlook
on life but you laugh instead of crying.

>There are many suffering icons.
>The "Sceneggiata Napoletana"
>originated in Naples, during 1919,
>by the trio Cafiero-Marchetiello-Diaz.
>The "Sceneggiata" (still alive, these days,
>with Mario Merola) is a unique mixture of song
>(cantato) and performance (recitato). It's a sort
>of very crude operetta. But the themes are emigration,
>poverty, misfortunes, death, shame, and so on.
>Speaking of suffering icons I ***strongly*** recommend
>the CD "Terra Mia" (1977) by Pino Daniele, a famous
>neapolitan folk-singer, and especially his songs "Terra Mia"
>and "Napule " [Naples is]. Napster perhaps could provide that.

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