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Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 21:05:41 MST

 On Tue, 13 Nov 2001 06:12:32
 J. R. Molloy wrote:
>OK, so French culture tends to resist extropian common sense (it's so boring),
>and opposes (or ignores) transhumanist sociobiology.
>According to Bernard Percy, "In France during its industrial revolution,
>workers did not like the changes that were happening in their work
>environment. New technology, textile machinery, was being introduced that they
>angrily believed would put them out of work or at least reduce their potential
>wages. Their response, throw their sabots (wooden shoes worn by French
>workers) into the machines to destroy them. Thus the word saboteur (one who
>sabotages, destroys property or obstructs normal operations)."
>Should this warn us about what to expect from conservative French culture vis
>a vis human-competitive AI?

The "common citizen" of France may not altogether like AI, and certain fairly strong grassroots organizations may rail against it, but the French military-industrial complex will NOT be deterred from developing and adapting it to their own use.

1939-45 taught France a great hatred for nazism, and an even stronger hatred for military and political weakness. Signs of this were the independant nuclear force France developed, to avoid a dependancy on the NATO nuclear deterrant.

And now, we see France investing large sums of wealth into very mobile amphibious naval strikeforces. Something you would not expect from a nation which supposedly is not in the business of projecting its power anymore.

So, when AI is coming into its own, I guarantee the French government will hungrily push to beg, buy or steal it. lol They will realize the future safety and prosperity of France is dependant upon implementing this technology.

I have a friend from Ireland who said he really liked the German tourists who would visit his village back home. He told me an Irish joke which states the Germans are the nicest people in the world, but their problem is every few generations they get this overwhelming urge to gather in huge numbers and pay France a unwanted visit! And then the Americans, British, and Irish have to persuade them it's time to leave! lol

Yes, such memories could cause France to get over any hangups about using AI.


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