uncontrollable suffering

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Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 11:27:48 MST


art is only healthy way to 'neutralise' frustration born because
of suffering.

"it's because of rash statements like that the government doesn't trust


> Did you dance? :-)

not traditional foot scraping, no. :) however, i do detect the suffering;
but it is not really part of my cortex. like "oh they have suffered, and
here it now comes (back out)". it seems that in discussion the suffering
element is the primary expressive element in the culture's dances (greek).
just one of the ways in which the culture's expressive mechanisms (type:
generically: positive, negative, induced, real) are configured. however,
i've experienced in my teen years, in information factory america, positive
mechanical dancing at raves (without modifiers**). a symphony of internal
biologic process, real-time sensation, and thoughts / realizations of world
mechanics via the dance-media; and happiness with the above three. so it is
very hard for me to "buy new suffering".

> Greeks dance when they are grieving to get their suffering out.

why isn't it sublimated into something else? i don't understand that
specific mechanic. for how can the suffering be absolved if the dance is
self-referencing (to suffering). that leads me to: is this not coming from
the culture? and at what stimulus interval threshold can the culture
/overcome, use, modify/ the material coming from the government? for
instance if the suppressant material is displayed to the average citizen 14
times per day (multimode), physiologically can the individual modify the
sentiment of what he/she is experiencing?

> >however,what similar elements exist in america, or the non-america?

most of the popular songs say "yes, i concur, i love you, purchase, america,
life: examine it for a second, i love you"

but i dont know if that is as characteristic as rebetika.

> I'm most sensitive to music because of my family background, maybe
> I can make some observations of the "suffering elements"
> America: Blues music
> suffering index: pretty low

america is hard to classify. the base population cannot absorb blues. and
it was not engineered to be distributed to future citizens in force.

> German
> suffering index pretty low. Even with Carmina Burana in their history,
> I've not found 'suffering elements' yet.

probably because they've primarily generated suffering. (hands over mouth).
sufferance generator. like turkey in this case.

> Italian
> This culture is probably as expressive (or more?) as the Greeks
> (I think that if you tied an Italian's hands behind their back, they
> would not be able to talk), \

or touch and kiss you. :)

> Others?



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