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From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Tue Nov 13 2001 - 05:20:19 MST

J. R. Molloy wrote (12.11.2001/07:53) :
> From: "Jacques Du Pasquier" <>
> > "Extropians" doesn't sound so good in French, it would be
> > "extropiens", which sounds a bit like "estropiés" which means
> > "crippled" ! :-)
> How does transhuman sound in French?

"Transhumain" is fine. It does remind me of "transhumance" (seasonal
move to new pastures), but that's less of an interference than
"crippled" :-)

Actually "extropiens" is fine, too. The interference is not at all
obvious nor disturbing.

> Omegaprocess is a French-speaking international generalist transhumanist
> mailing list.
> Here's the URL of transhumaniste francophone:

Thanks. Apparently it's dead, though. (5 posts this year) You'll have
to bear with me here ;-)

See my post "French culture and Extropianism" for some possible
explanation !


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