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Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 21:25:16 MST

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> I don't think the Sufis are "headquartered" in any particular place. They
> are Muslim mystics and are quite widespread throughout the Muslim world
> afaik. Mystics, generally speaking, don't need no stinkin headquaters. <g>

       There have been several great Christian Sufi as well as the Moslem
types. Sufi seem to blend in with the local guys where ever they are.
       There seem to be three great divisions among the Sufi.
1. Those that have let the concret set in their heads. They still go
through the motions but don't know what the motions mean. Sometimes they
don't even know they derived from the Sufi.
2. Some that are con men in it for the money.
3. A few that are truly Sufi teachers and tend to teach all qualified
students -- without a religious test.
       But there is at least a fair amount of evidence that they go back to
Ron h.

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