Re: Question: Photoshop Text for Web

Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 13:15:45 MST

From: my inner geek

> Does anyone know how the trick to getting non-blurred fonts when using
> Photoshop text for Web design?

>Surely you have been using Photoshop much longer than I,
and are familiar with basic features such as anti-aliasing. But I recently
consumed a triple cappuccino, and so am compelled to offer a link just
because your question was so basic and non-threatening. :)<

That's me: non-threatening and basic -:)

I appreciate Lee Daniel Crocker's sensible reply and also all your links.

I'm accustomed to using exacting and elegant style in my work, especially with an ardent commercial arts director background. The old tools (around the era of the wooden wheel) allowed for distinct hands on use of tools and materials. I used a heck of a lot of exacto lettering for a broad array of fonts, and my drafting table was set for precision in layout and design.

While I enjoy working on Websites, I'm torn between graphic design/abstract expression and the necessity of clearly displayed fonts. Reading Web pages are eye tiring enough and I prefer reader-friendly fonts, but sometimes I want to do dangerous, naughty things with them! Like make them really, really big, or very tiny and quiet. Mix them up, jumble them around or link them to each other and see what happens!

By using Photoshop I feel more like a designer than a day laborer, but there is a nagging problem in getting it to do what you want it to do.

However, I'll heed all suggestions.


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