Re: Question: Photoshop Text for Web

From: my inner geek (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 00:19:04 MST

"Natasha Vita-More" <> wrote:

> Does anyone know how the trick to getting non-blurred fonts when using
> Photoshop text for Web design?

Hi Natasha. Surely you have been using Photoshop much longer than I,
are familiar with basic features such as anti-aliasing. But I recently
consumed a triple cappuccino, and so am compelled to offer a link just
because your question was so basic and non-threatening. :)

What bugs me is how the masthead is displayed in the upper left of .

The image itself is 240x87, but in the nanodot page source, they specify
300x74, which leaves the fonts looking blurry and squashed.

For months I've been quietly watching this, waiting to see if anyone
to report it. Obviously, it's not relevant to the content of the site,
keeping the site up has been the priority.

But for a bunch of brilliant perfectionists! It doesn't make sense. It
be a test of some sort. I keep hearing the words of the nanotech
soothsayers and sages, "mistakes can fatal."


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