The US Are Talking To You

From: Curious (
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 18:17:53 MST

> Jacques Du Pasquier:
> >Do the US already effectively communicate their views to the people, in
> >their own language ?
> According to the latest Economist, it started just this last week. Before
> this last week, the US administration's broadcast presented in English
> lame messages ("Attention Taliban. You are condemned. Did you know that?")
> Now diplomats are responding directly on the local al-Jazeera network,
> giving interviews in Arabic.

i think the worse shock for USA and paranoid wold will be when they'll FINALLY wake up that Bib Laden is innocent,
didn't destructed WTC... and thaty USA (yes, USA) is responsible for waging WW3. they simply invaded afghanistan.

i started to make backups of USA software. i think it makes more sense than talkibg abiut hipocrytic fascists and wonder why
fascistic goverement have problems.

another thing - when in early '70 USA wennt insane and invaded Vietnam many hippies protested.
where are those hippies now?
whrere is CURRENT woodstock?????????????????????????

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