Re: War Support Ebbs (almost a rant)

Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 11:06:42 MST

scerir stated:

<<Most Italians are not anti-American,
<<and they are pro "war against terror".
<<But the other side ("not in my name")
<<made a very big noise, yesterday.

It comes down to what the Muslims have been telling each other at their
Wahabbi-financed universities. One thing is that "the West will soon fall." I
am guessing this feature, along with ongoing conflicts, along with
indoctrination to commit murder-suicides, and so forth, contributed to the
September 11th massacres. Now, while the USA has a full head of steam,
despite the expected halfhearted "support" from elsewhere in the world,
demands the American people to push back this Islamist view of reality.

This in the words of Patton, "will make the other poor bastard die for his
country." What good is this? Perhaps a less irrational world, if you hold
that many religious fundamentalists are irrational, for no other reason.

Beyond that, it appears that there are opportunities, once these major issues
get settled about terrorist violence, is for a new economic technological
infrastructure, World-Wide. One, perhaps, that is easier on the environment,
one that fosters, not merely, communication, but understandings among people,
where it possibly can.
What will result is not a perfect world, simply a better one. That is, if
we're smart.

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