Re: War Support Ebbs (almost a rant)

Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 23:14:11 MST

My concern regarding Anders view that Americans have a brain disorder is my
perception (however adle-pated) that Europe is more off the map, then America
is. Forgive my rant, for I am a cynic, and so perceive it in all others.

My view on European policies, over the last several decades are this.

Europe was soft on nazism, when it was in full bloom. Yes, much of the USA
was also, but not to the degree Europe was, and they had reason to be
anti-nazi more urgently. Perhaps their bargains with the Reich, even if it
brought war to their own countries are Still, not considered, such a bad,

Europe was opportunistic, for business when the Soviet Union was in power,
and leftist demonstrators were anti-American and pro-Soviet.

Concurrently throughout this period they have catered to the middle eastern
oil states, past 1956, thus, inadvertently assisting in development of
radical, religious, Islam. I also remember how many Euro business catered to
Sadam's war machine, and wonder how many still do?

I would humbly remind those who feel that when this occurs in Europe, or
Australia, with not just hundreds dead, but thousands; you will likely feel

An I anti-European, no matter what? Lets say I am very distrustful, or

Are Europeans anti-American, no matter what? Some, sure seem to be. Again is
it truth or merely perceptions?

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