Re: Bin Laden says he has nukes

Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 02:53:38 MST

Mr. Atkins asked:
>> --- Brian Atkins <> wrote:
>> oh, and chemical weapons too. What are the theories
>> as to why he didn't
>> just nuke NYC and DC? I'm stumped.

Jeff Davis Replied:
<<The FBI and CIA were asleep at the wheel, allowing one
    megalomaniacal cultural-extremist fanatic, born to
    self-importance and anomalous wealth, to create a
    terrorist organization with a substantial degree of
    competence. The FBI and CIA should have been watching
    and weren't. The rest of the US wasn't watching
    because it wasn't their job. The terrorists did their
    thing, caught us by surprise, scored way big in the
    category of television drama , and the US took a hit.>>

-Makes sense

<<Islam is a museum piece, which long ago condemned
itself to irrelevance and memetic morbidity by
renouncing progress in favor of the stagnation of
theocratic authoritarianism. And fundamentalist
Islam, like other forms of fundamentalism, is little
more than a cult of death, a cult of bitter old men,
who hate all that they have lost: youth, originality,
energy, and a love of the promises of life.

I'm gonna stick my neck out and predict that Al Quaida
will fold with a whimper.

Best, Jeff Davis>>

-It doesn't matter if you find their ideology unworthy and insipid, because
it is well-financed and tolerated well, by a large fraction of the Islamic
world. Think of them rather, as the old fantasy villains, SPECTRE, from the
James Bond Movies/Novels. Now the lazier and stupider the American
intelligence groups are, the more likely that eventually these guerilla
groups will be able to use weapons of mass destruction against us. All we
would have had to do is keep on carrying-out the American foreign policy,
pre- 911, that was exhibited by both Clinton and Daddy Bush.

Al-Qeida will not fold without a fight. Osama wants a glorious death. America
and the West needs a new energy policy, and not provide the Islamic world
with the financial means to provide spoiled children with the toys of mass

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