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Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 16:07:22 MST

In a message dated 11/9/01 2:45:22 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes: However, the U.S. government and citizens
doesn't have experience, or knowledge to handle messes like this in a way
where the problem could be solved.

       I can imagine what it is like to be the only American surrounded by a
verbally hostile foreign population. However in your heart of hearts don't
you think it is time to question this "The Americans are so young and
inexperienced" stuff. There are very few governments as old as ours. Maybe
Britain certainly not Germany, Italy nor France. When my German ancestors
were coming here in the 1700s they weren't even called German -- there
practically wasn't any such place. How many times within the life time of
our country have those folks changed their entire form of government?
       As to their being frightened of hostilities in their lands. Our
people know something of that. We had our Civil War those of us in the South
have heard the stories. Even since that time we have had our Indian wars.
We don't feel bullet proof by any means.
       But we are not going to turn our backs on having thousands of our
fellow citizens killed. Amara, I don't expect you would know this in Germany
-- but almost all of us at least knows someone that knew someone that died.
This is not an event that happened to distant stranger miles from us.
       We have since been attacked with Anthrax. You should look at a map of
where the attacks have taken place. The government is concerned enough to
test a postal station a few miles from where I sit. Is this light flu that
hung on for days flu or is it something else that I threw off?
       But you are right about the seriousness of what could come out of
this. This could get out of hand and become WWIII. But there is one thing
for sure. They have elected us king of the hill and in their jealousy they
are out to remove us. We are not going to wait for them to come cut our
       Which brings me to my deepest concern. A lot of poor uneducated
middle eastern boys and a lot of our young men are going to die before this
is over. At least let us conduct ourselves so as to be as economical as
possible of innocent American, European and Middle Eastern lives. If we have
to kill OBL and the terrorist let us do it with a minimum loss of our lives.
Ron h.

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