Afghanistan after the war

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 14:42:50 MST

I thought I'd fire up the symbiotic intelligence with a discussion
about what to do with the situation in Afghanistan after the war.

Lets assume for sake of argument that Ossama is no more, and the
Taliban have been routed (not completely destroyed).

I'll start with my own scenario:

I'd like to see the major cities secured by U.N. peacekeeping
troops at the earliest possible moment. This not only frees up
combat troops, but gives all those opposed to us being there in the
first place something useful to do. Start bringing in relief

Then they will of course need a government. Given that they face
many of the problems we did, I would like to suggest a form of
democracy, with an effective separation of church and state.
Adoption of the U.N. protocol on human rights would be a good
thing, especially universal suffrage. Two houses with 2
representatives in the senate from each tribe to balance things

We should then contribute a fair (generous) share to helping out.
I think anything other than basic humanitarian aid should be
directly tied to seeing the above items adopted. You don't want a
democracy? Fine, but lots fewer dollars in aid. Woman don't get to
vote? Fine, but even less dollars.

I'd like us to immediately rebuild our embassy and something else
I always thought we should do. I'd like to see us build a large
well equipped clinic/50 bed hospital. This would be an off shoot of
the embassy, In fact build the embassy on top of the hospital.

This is something I think we should do in numerous parts of the
world where needed. U.S. aid could be in direct form as supplies
and personnel for these clinics. Treatment would be free to those
in need, and could focus on things like immunization. They could be
privatized later.

Ok, there's a start.


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