Re: War Support Ebbs

Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 14:22:57 MST

<<I could offer suggestions here, but I think I'll stop for the
    moment. This issue issue makes me exhausted and very upset.>>

It is emotionally stressful yes. But the world's citizenry, in their zeal to
avoid conflicts that are economically, troubling to themselves, seem quite
content, to have America sluff-off it's murdered citizens. In other words,
Ameican blood is cheap, compared to, say, France being able to continue
dealing as usual with their business chum in the Islamic world. Business
chums who friends and family are terrorists.

And people wonder why America goes it "alone" on foreign policy? My concern
is not that we go it alone, its that our State Department always insists on
catering to the needs of the international community, ahead of American

The latest Gallup poll in the USA, shows that support for the 911 War is
currently higher then support for American participation in WW2, after Pearl
Harbor. Currently, 80% versus 74%. If the rest of the world wishes us to
forget about our dead, please realize that the politicians will have to
answer to American voters.

When the rest of the world starts burying its dead from mass destruction
attacks, then we'll see a change of view in those nations.

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