Re: Economics, posthumanity, and self-replication (was: MORALITY)

Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 11:34:36 MST

From: Anders Sandberg

>I think far too many transhumanists are ignoring the interface between
transhumanism and the real world, and this weakens transhumanism
tremendously. We need qualified analysis of where we are, where we want
to go and how to go about it if we want to convince anybody else - as
well as get our own thinking into shape.<

While I didn't include most of your post, I agree with it fully. This last paragraph contains a weighty issue. If transhumanists considers today's issues paltry, they are missing the necessary and insistent cultural links of which we are the progeny -like it or not. Each cultural clog is worth paying attention to.

How many times have we discussed the heightened awareness of coalescing diverse intelligences to solve a problem or create a solution? Many. Just because one issue is a bit messy does not lessen its impact.

We need a summit (think-tank). While I had and still have a desire to implement this, my cancer got in the way of Progress Action these past months, but this doesn't mean that many of us are not paying attention to the significance of world-wide issues of today and tomorrow and our ability to communicate effectively.


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