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Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 10:05:58 MST

"Eliezer S. Yudkowsky" wrote:
> "Alex F. Bokov" wrote:
> >
> > How the US might be doing exactly what Pig Latin wants us to do, and
> > what his big picture plan might be.
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> Pretty worrying stuff, but I don't have enough geopolitical knowledge to
> judge its plausibility. Any of the more alert listmembers care to offer
> their opinion on likelihoods?

This is a decent analysis, although a bit pessimistic.

I think that one strategy we need to accept is to use the enemy's self
perceived 'strengths' against them just as they use ours against us.

For example, the Taliban's mandate that women wear Burkhas to cover
themselves from the sight of stranger males. This is a significant
trojan horse for penetrating large quantities of special operatives into
the country, covered in burkhas. I would not doubt that this is being
used already. If the taliban becomes aware of this tactic, they must
give up their policy about mandating the use of Burkha's in order to
combat the threat. Thus, our means of attack can be used to force them
to change.

Another example: the al Qaeda does not take credit for its acts, and
frequently denies its involvment, at least initially, which indicates
that its head may not be aware of the work of its cells until word comes
up the network that they did in fact do something. Use this to create
our own 'al Qaeda' cells which commit acts which ostensibly attack
targets in muslim countries which al Qaeda/Taliban considers corrupt,
but the vast majority of muslims do not. The attacks piss off lots of
muslims toward the al Qaeda and Taliban, which helps in the propaganda
war in the muslim world. This is a very 'dirty war' technique, one which
is certainly to be protested. The argument for it is that the terrorists
have established the standards by which they wish to fight the war.
Under the Geneva Conventions, a state is not bound by the
combatant/noncombatant delineation when enemy combatants hide behind

Thirdly: adopt our own network system. In the US Constitution, the
president is empowered (as are the governors of many US states) to issue
Letters of Marque to private individuals (privateers) to engage in
action against enemy commerce independent of government oversight or
command. Revive this to license independent mercenary companies that
will attack enemy targets as identified, with public bounties
established to receive donations from private citizens.

> PS: "Pig Latin"? Irrationality in the service of liberty is no virtue.

Your ham is pig rottin'.

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