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Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 09:37:11 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> >From: Anders Sandberg <>
> >The EMP got you? :-)
> >I guess you mean
> My ole buddy Winn Schwartau. Be sure and see the book "Information
> Warfare" (second edition) by same.
> Hey Mike L, why don't you re-tell your HERF gun story?

Yeah, okay:

I was a low rank dweeb in the USAF, working as an electrician on fighter
jets (F-15s) when I came across a funny little book at a mall in Tacoma
by a fellow named Thomas Pawlicki titled "Build your own UFO". Thomas
lived up in Victoria, BC, so on sightseeing trip up there, I looked him
up to ask some questions about his writing. As a result, he clued me
onto a bunch of US patents by various people like TT Brown, Alexander de
Severski, etc which I found interesting but not entirely convincing.
This was the late 80's and I'd always had a lighthearted interest in
UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Goode's "Above Top
Secret" had come out and all the talk about the Majestic 12 and Area 51
and Roswell was coming out and had not been debunked at all. I knew
several fellows who had previously served in Area 51 who said they'd
seen stuff there that made the stealth fighter look like a WWI biplane.

Anyways, as a result of all this, I got interested in playing with very
high voltage devices. I built an HV power supply that generated 150,000
volts and a model of de Severski's 'Ionocraft' which I powered by
umbilical cord with the HV power supply, and was able to make it fly
around the barracks to the amazement of others (high enough to not be
ground effect, but only a few feet when the weight of the umbilical
exceeded the thrust of the ionocraft.)

I obtained a copy of Information Ulimited's publication "Phazers,
Lasers, and other Space Age Devices" (where I had obtained the plans for
the HV power supply), which also had plans for a herf generator of
rather tame capacity. I took their plans and essentially scaled things
up a bit based on some tricks I'd learned are used in military radar
jammers (which I'd once witnessed had spectacularly fried the radar gun
of an MP who wasn't thinking things through in trying to clock an F-15
flying overhead).

I obtained some surplus equipment from Boeing Surplus Co. (a very cool
place to shop, south of Seattle) in the order of some thermos sized
charge capacitors and a large directional radio horn that is essentially
a larger version of what you find in a radar detector. I bought a bunch
of surplus radar detectors, hand held radios, and other cheap electronic
devices to use as my 'crash test dummies'.

Eventually I got it set up to discharge a nice herf beam in a loci away
from the horn a hundred or so yards in length, and set up to do so upon
triggering by a radar detector getting a full strength signal from a
cop's radar gun.

At this time, I installed the setup in the back of my pickup truck. I
had a canopy top on the bed, with a plexiglass window in the back,
through which the device would shoot its herf beam directly backwards. I
went out for a drive on some back country New Mexico roads (I had been
transferred to Cannon AFB since I started the project) trolling for
speed traps. I picked a cop up on my tail, he nailed me with his radar,
whereupon all of the electronics in his car, including the engine
control computer and his radios, fried, and he just kinda puttered out
and pulled over as I sped off into the sunset.

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