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From: Steve Nichols (steve@multisell.com)
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 07:02:03 MST

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> >
> > Then why not? You complain rather a lot, why not change
> > yourself first before tackling the rest of the world?
> Maybe because it's against my principles. I believe in freedom, the
> construction of the absence of coercion, I believe too in the change,
> reprogramming, or if really necessary punitive destruction of coercive
> forces.

By "punitive destruction" do you mean "coercion?"

>Politicians are playing inside a coercive system by definition
> and it's very unlikely they will change its coercive aspects.

But it is open to you to be a politician .... if you don't like
the current ones, why not compete for their positions?

> I'm so tired of this 'why not change yourself first before tackling
> the rest of the world?'. It's not me that have to change on this point
> or I would become an ashole. If I change on this point the world will
> become worse.
> I have a constructive program rather than just whinging .....
> So what is this constructive program ?

Partly in order to gain access to media, and partly with aim of
building a political coalition to eventually assume power of
governance .... I have set up the POSTHUMAN ALLIANCE
as a loosely knit support system to co-ordinate various Trans/ post/
neohuman/ extropian/ radical futurist groups and individuals who are
politically active in their own regions/ countries.

Some pooled literature, media contacts and maybe campaign
assistance is on offer.

I realise that the range of views (from fundamentalist Singularitarians
to Marilyn Manson "posthumans") is wide and varied, so have tried to
identify the basic unifying strands that do exist:

(1) Social liberalism/ libertarianism
(2) Support for new scientific research and accelerated
technological programs (nanotech, nets, genetics, cryonics &c.)
(3) Acceleration of programs for space colonisation.
(4) Psychological "reform" ... particularly opposition to human-era
religions & supernaturalism .... and other regressive forces.

Do you accept these?

> Hi Steve and the rest of you !
> I would like to know what your "constructive program" is,
> Steve.

SEE ABOVE. I am standing on Posthuman Alliance platform in central
London & encourage others to do so in their own localities.

> Since you say that humans being are irrational and thus unfit to run
> the planet (are we "running" the planet ?!), what are your
> suggestions ?
We have spent the past 150 years undergoing a "transitional" stage
and have outgrown the old "Darwinian/ naturally selected" phase of
our evolution. Some of the "human" legacy conditioning now has to go.
Some ideas at www.multi.co.uk/identity.htm & www.extropia.net


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