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Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 00:43:09 MST

I shouldn't publically write when I'm emotional or angry, but here goes.

>War Support Ebbs Worldwide
>By Kevin Sullivan

No kidding. The demonstrators in front of the Deutsche-American
Institute in Heidelberg last weekend didn't look too happy either.

You might ask the Americans living abroad what other countries think
of the U.S. Governemnt's meddling (the Americans living abroad are the
ones who directly most often experience the consequences)

Even before I moved away from the U.S., I found extremeley stifling
many Americans attitudes that the U.S. is the center of the Universe.
It is not.

Smarter people don't think that way, but that was unfortunately not the
mainstream attitude. And it's unfortunately not the typical attitude
of (average) Americans who travel abroad or the Americans who think
about foreigners while at home (if or when they do).

I don't think that it is the "American way" to push the "American way"
onto people who don't want it. Nor do I think that it is the U.S.
government's resonsibility to be world policemen. But that's almost
all I see on this list these days.

There are many ways to help other people and countries in trouble,
however I've not seen the U.S. Government practice very many of those.
There are indeed respectful ways that to treat other cultures, but I've
not seen the U.S. Government practice very many of those, either.

I'd much rather support my practice of being a human living on
this planet Earth with the other humans.

sorry for the angry outburst, but this list just pushed me over.


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