Re: MORALITY: right & wrong (was: A Bioethical Foundation for Human Rights)

From: Lee Daniel Crocker (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 11:49:10 MST

> From: "Anders Sandberg" <>
> > What should the extropian definition of freedom be?
> Same as the dictionary definition, because supplying yet another definition
> would dilute the meaning, thereby causing linguistic entropy rather than
> extropy.

We don't want "another" definition; we want to _narrow_ the defintion,
Every dictionary I've seen has 8 or 9 definitions, many of which are
incompatible. If we want to describe something as a goal, we at least
better define precisely what it is that we want, rather than just
giving it an ambiguous name and hope people can guess what we mean.

_My_ goal, at any rate, is to increase the number of actions that
I can take that don't interfere with the options of others. People
generally call that "freedom" or "liberty", but many people also
use those words for totally different things: "freedom from fear",
for example, which is something totally different.

Dictionaries contain almost no useful information about the world.

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