Re: "Supergerms" feared

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 11:59:03 MST

>From Thu Nov 8 08:44:14 2001

>The upside of all this is that governments may instead of spending
>enormous gobs of money and resources on making better weapons of
>mass destruction may invest into an information counter offensive
>embodying both ultra complex supercomputing , bioengineering and
>ethnogenetics. By that I mean, while the enemy is decoding
>for example WASP/spanish/chinese/japanese genes to target diseases
>spcifically at each one of them we will be intensely studing those
>genes making up our population which can best protect us from all
>manners of non-human pathogens. The only real fear I have is that
>some really wacky bioterrorist group hunkers down in their bunker
>and discovers the way to create say a highly virulent AIDS virus
>with which to infect most of the living world not living in
>bunkers. It would be sad if the only remaining humans are throw
>backs to 15 century "Klingons". A mass extermination of humans
>akin to the dinosaurs is an almost unthinkable thought for even a
>terrorist group.

What are you kidding?

I have absolutely no doubt that if Ossama Bin Laden had such an
agent he would deploy it.


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