RE: Non-sensory experiences

Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 12:26:47 MST

From: Amara Graps

>Easy to become wrapped in a loop! Here's something to ponder:

       "sensory-deprivation tanks"

Have you ever given thought to the resulting benefits that these
tanks provide?<

Yes, the SDT (and other environments purposely designed with the intention of helping people relax) is very much like meditation in a dark, soundless room. However, the SDT and meditation are sensory experiences.

In the SDT your skin reacts to the water and your eyes recognize the darkness. There is also sound, however minimal, and smell, however scant. What the SDT is actually doing is producing an environment that allows the mind to relax away from much of the world's noise, images, etc. (that detract and derail us) by infusing a different type of sense environment.

This does not mean that this experience is a non-sensory environment.


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