Re: Extropian handshake

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 00:47:56 MST

>On Sat, 03 November 2001, Damien Broderick wrote:
> > ...
> > Oh, and according to Ian Walker extropians have a
> > secret handshake--I'm terribly put out, as you'll
> > appreciate, that nobody has ever shared this mystic
> > grip with me... :)
> > ...

>Ziana replied:
>Well, according to Ed Regis...
>"The Handshake: Right hand out in front of you,
> fingers spread and pointing at the sky. Grasp the
> other person's right hand, intertwine fingers, and
> close. Then shoot both hands upward, straight up, all
> the way up, letting go at the top, whooping "Yo!"
> or "Hey!" or some such thing."

That is not a very secret handshake! lol Extropians need something more
low-key, along Masonic lines. I think the handshake originated in the
eighties, when extropianism was more of a "club" with young members
thinking a little along the lines of a college fraternity. I just can't
imagine Max More ever being so youthfully exuberant! ;)

As I understand, things like this are now being downplayed. Time to
appear professional to the world!

best wishes,


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