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From: Randy Smith (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 23:11:37 MST

>From: Adrian Tymes <>
>Subject: Re: Citizenship in any form
>Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 21:09:13 -0800
> wrote:
> > check this site out carefully. It is a bit long... but you will never
> > look at community citizenship the same again.
>Nope, I view it quite the same as I did before. Any to everyone else
>on the site, I say: don't waste your time with this link.
>In summary: someone spots a few ways the laws, especially the US
>Constitution, could be interpreted radically differently than the way
>that the current government does interpret it, and tries to use this
>new view to justify freedom from the law. Utterly not addressed is the
>practical matter: no matter how much logic you have on your side, yes,
>the US government *will* act like a ruthless dictator from time to
>time; also, the fact that the Constitution creates the judicial branch
>to validate or invalidate any given interpretation of the law, and it
>has rather consistently disagreed with the "freedom from all law" point
>of view, therefore "freedom from all law" is *not* justified by the
>Constitution. Yet another individual or small group protesting on that
>basis will merely create one or a few more federal inmates for varying
>length of time, depending on the degree to which freedom from law is

I skimmed a couple of paragraphs and came to the same conclusion you did.
The naivete is pitiful, aint it? Aint these guys ever heard of case law and
precedent? Are they not aware of the role it plays in the American govt.

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